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Saturday, August 3rd, 2019


- Jim Hermel's Rock'N'Roll Band 

  (formerly Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix)

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

- Jim Hermel & Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

- "Father's Day Show"


- Plus support band Heartland

Jim Hermel

Info - Jim Hermel was (and still is) considered to be one of the finest guitarists around, backing lead guitarist to Australia's top recording stars, including John Farnham, Billy Thorpe, Ronnie Burns  and others, on concert tours early in their careers. In the late 70's and early 80's, Jim emerged as a recording and concert star in his own right, as vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, leading to Jim touring the USA and performing at most of the top clubs in Nashville, Tennessee (USA), including an appearance on the same show as legendary rocker, Jerry Lee Lewis at The Jerry Lee Lewis Showroom in famous Printer's Alley, Nashville (USA). In 1986 Jim again toured America, being based for 3 months in Austin, Texas (USA), performing at the top venues in Austin, including Austin's 6th Street, the home of Texas blues and former 'haunt' of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jim then recorded his 4th album Texas Jam, which was featured in a "live-cross" to the studio during the six o'clock news. Jim also appeared on the main stage of the San Antonio Big River Festival (USA), an annual event which attracts 100,000 people, appeared on the top Saturday night cable television variety show, Citizens Live and performed concerts throughout the state of Texas (USA). In 1991 Jim again toured the USA, this time as male lead vocalist/guitarist with the band Red Buck. On this tour he again performed at The Big River Festival, performed for the Desert Storm troops at the U.S. army base at Fort Huachuca, Arizona (USA), appeared on NBC television, performed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), many venues in Arizona (USA) and featured in a 30 minute documentary for U.S. television. In 1993 Jim was again with Red Buck when the band became the first western rock band in the world to perform in communist Laos and the first western rock band to perform in Vietnam since the war. All 11 concerts of South East Asia were sellouts and saw Red Buck become the 1st Australian band to perform at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok (Thailand). In 1994 the band was invited back to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe and also performed a season at the prestigious Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bangkok (Thailand).
Bands - Black Cat Bone, Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix, Runaway Dixie, Jim Hermel & Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters.

Contact - (08) 8260 3062 or website www.jimhermel.com or web page www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1325185327 or web page www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Hermel/162721972736

Music available (Jim Hermel) - cds - Nothing To Lose, The Ballad Of Creswick Mine, Highway To Ride

Music available (Black Cat Bone) - cd - White Lightning

Music available (Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix) - cd - Keep A-Rockin'

Music available (Runaway Dixie) - cd - Golden Mile

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Jim Hermel's Rock'N'Roll Band (Formerly Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix)

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Jim Hermel & Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters

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Info - Heartland is headed by Kevin Bergen, who has established a reputation as one of South Australia's most sought after musicians. His versatility provides Heartland with the unique ability to showcase a variety of lead instruments. He has played in a number of bands such as Both Barrels, Buckshot and is a regular participant in The South Australian Council Of Country Music Showcase band.

Members & Contact - Kevin Bergen (lead guitar, pedal, steel, banjo, mandolin, vocals) (08) 8524 8063, Darryl Eckert (bass, rhythm, lead guitars, harmony vocals) (08) 8569 1569, Vince Wegener (piano, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Dave Schache (drums).

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