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Sunday, December 1st, 2019

- "Christmas Show"

- Workin' Overtime

- Plus guest artist Tanya Cornish

- And Joe Musico

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019 - Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

- "New Year's Show"

- Heartland

- Plus guest artists Tyler Patterson & Gemma Tiller

Workin' Overtime

Info - Workin' Overtime have been playing clubs, pubs, festivals and interstate events for over 25 years, and along with their exceptional layered harmonies and excellent rapport with the audience, they have hundreds of tunes in their repertoire; with everything from classic and modern country to 50's and 60's classic rock 'n roll, along with classic rock and pop, party favourites, plus much more...working to the audience or venue. The band operates as a four piece outfit (with 4 vocalists and 2 guitars, plus bass and drums); and also use a Roland guitar synth to expand their versatility even further, covering typical piano, brass, acoustic, and orchestral sounds. All P.A. and lighting equipment is supplied as required for small, intimate venues up to full outdoor concert setups.

Members - Stewart Ray (rhythm/lead guitar, vocals), Tammie Ray (bass guitar, vocals), Narelle Thomas (rhythm guitar, vocals), Peter 'Rocky' Datson (drums, percussion).

Contact -  Stewart Ray 0409 671 858 or Email: Stewart.J.Ray@gmail.com or Email wereworkinovertime@gmail.com or web page www.facebook.com/WorkinOvertime/ 





Tania Cornish

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Joe Musico

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Info - Heartland is headed by Kevin Bergen, who has established a reputation as one of South Australia's most sought after musicians. His versatility provides Heartland with the unique ability to showcase a variety of lead instruments. He has played in a number of bands such as Both Barrels, Buckshot and is a regular participant in The South Australian Council Of Country Music Showcase band.

Members & Contact - Kevin Bergen (lead guitar, pedal, steel, banjo, mandolin, vocals) (08) 8524 8063, Darryl Eckert (bass, rhythm, lead guitars, harmony vocals) (08) 8569 1569, Vince Wegener (piano, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Dave Schache (drums).

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Tyler Patterson & Gemma Tiller

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