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Sunday, August 7th, 2022 - Palomino Deluxe - Plus special guest The Austins


Palomino Deluxe

Info - Palomino Deluxe is a 5 piece Adelaide (South Australia) based band that celebrates the classic era of country music and honky tonk, with style, charm, and buckets of talent.

Members - Tim Windsor (vocals, pedal steel guitar), Michael Scott (bass), Barnabas Smith (drums). Duncan Haynes (guitar), and Megan Laurie (vocals).

Contact - Tim Windsor 0416 251 921 or web page www.facebook.com/Palominodeluxeband 


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The Austins

Info - The Austins are a modern country music duo (Candice Austin & Rohan Austin) who are available for festivals, weddings, pubs, birthdays and more.

Contact - Email: theaustins@mail.com or web page www.facebook.com/theaustinscountryduo 




Sunday, September 4th, 2022 - The Sherrahs (Entire show)


The Sherrahs

Info & Members - The Sherrahs are a family group, consisting of Anthony and Tracy Stewart, with Steven and Michelle Sherrah. The unique story of the 2 families began when they met by chance, back in 1988 at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (New South Wales), when brother and sister Steven and Tracy moved to Australia from New Zealand, whilst Michelle (sister to Anthony) was competing as a Star Maker finalist. From that moment on, friendships were formed, leading to marriages and the group The Sherrahs, with Paul Orchard (drums).

Contact - (08) 8388 2597



Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 - Cross Town Connection - Plus special guest Joe Musico


Cross Town Connection

Info - None supplied by artist

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Joe Musico

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist



Sunday, November 6th, 2022 - Eddie Edwards & Friends - Plus special guest John Lecner


Eddie Edwards & Friends

Info - None supplied by artist

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John Lecner

Info - None supplied by artist

Contact - None supplied by artist




Sunday, Decmber 4th, 2022 - Heartland - Plus special guest Craig Giles



Info - Heartland is headed by Kevin Bergen, who has established a reputation as one of South Australia's most sought after musicians. His versatility provides Heartland with the unique ability to showcase a variety of lead instruments. He has played in a number of bands such as Both Barrels, Buckshot and is a regular participant in The South Australian Council Of Country Music Showcase band.

Members & Contact - Kevin Bergen (lead guitar, pedal, steel, banjo, mandolin, vocals) (08) 8524 8063, Darryl Eckert (bass, rhythm, lead guitars, harmony vocals) (08) 8569 1569, Vince Wegener (piano, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Dave Schache (drums).


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Craig Giles

Info - Based in the Temora, New South Wales (Australia), Craig tours extensively and playing to many types of audiences both in Australia and many countries overseas, as solo artist or part of a duo, trio or band. Craig's nickname of "Mr. Versatile" was gained by his extensive and varied repertoire and vocal range, from ballads to Country, Rockabilly to Rock'N Roll.

In 1998, Craig’s (then) home town of Finley paid tribute to him with a plaque bearing the inscription "Finley The Home Of Craig Giles" (now located in the Finley Mall).

2009 saw Craig and his band as support act for Glen Campbell, and from 2010 through to 2019 he was the celebrity host for The Music Tour Of America where his performances included "A Tribute To Elvis Presley" in Tupelo, Mississippi, "A Tribute To Johnny Cash" in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a Gospel performance at Al Green's Tabernacle Church in Memphis, Tennessee with the Negro Choir (plus many other performances throughout the tour).

2018 saw the release Craig's 16th album titled "With A Little Help From My Friends".

Contact - 0408 597 307 or email rozbigriver@gmail.com or post via Big River Entertainment PO Box 8 Temora, NSW 2666  or website www.craigiles.com



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