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Sunday, October 7th, 2018

- Palomino Deluxe

- Plus guest artist Trevor Philbey

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

- The Sherrahs

- Plus guest artist TBA

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

- "Christmas Show"

- Bernie & The Bandits

- Plus guest artist TBA

Palomino Deluxe

Info - Palomino Deluxe is a 5 piece Adelaide (South Australia) based band that celebrates the classic era of country music and honky tonk, with style, charm, and buckets of talent.

Members - Tim Windsor (vocals, pedal steel guitar), Michael Scott (bass), Barnabas Smith (drums). Duncan Haynes (guitar), and Megan Laurie (vocals).

Contact - Tim Windsor 0416 251 921 or web page www.facebook.com/Palominodeluxeband 

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Trevor Philbey

Info - Trevor Philbey has spent virtually all his life in the Mallee, (South Australia), and now lives at Evanston, near Gawler (South Australia) with a project studio for small recording sessions at his home. Trevor Philbey is known primarily as a solo artist, and has been playing for many years in the Mallee and the Barossa Valley (South Australia), and he has played lead with the DV8s. With a collection of guitars which allows him to vary his style and gives him the opportunity to play in many different genres of  music, his love of music (and the guitar in particular) drives him to achieve a sound which is distinctly his own, with a playing style has been influenced over the years by Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Hank Marvin and the like.

Contact - 04 0876 3326

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The Sherrahs

Info & Members - The Sherrahs are a family group, consisting of Anthony and Tracy Stewart, with Steven and Michelle Sherrah. The unique story of the 2 families began when they met by chance, back in 1988 at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (New South Wales), when brother and sister Steven and Tracy moved to Australia from New Zealand, whilst Michelle (sister to Anthony) was competing as a Star Maker finalist. From that moment on, friendships were formed, leading to marriages and the group The Sherrahs, with Paul Orchard (drums).

Contact - (08) 8388 2597

Bernie & The Bandits

Info - Bernie & The Bandits have been playing their own cabaret style of country music now for over two decades, with Bernie “the Bandit” Scott born and bred in Yankalilla (in South Australia), where he began drumming at the age of nine with his father in an "old time" dance band. He moved to rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s. and can play almost anything he picks up, including clarinet and saxophone. Each of the talented members of the band have earned themselves respect to go with their countless awards in the music industry over the years and are able to mix and match a repertoire to suit audiences, from a little pop to 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, country rock, mixed in with  classic "old time" country music. They are a fun band with plenty of good sing-a-long country music.

Members & Contact - Bernie "The Bandit" Scott (saxophone, vocals) 04 3982 6046, Patsy Croucher (guitar, vocals), David Cross (keyboard, vocals), Bobby Craig (drums, vocals).

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